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Biofuel Conditioner

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Conditioning Fuel For Beard & Hair - We listened!  Finally in, our Biofuel Magnum liter size!

Fragrance: This is a dreamy fragrance you can't resist (or her) - Blend of Fiddlehead Fern, Clove, Sandalwood and Musk

Give your freshly washed hair the nourishment it needs! Sapota & Karanja Oils blended with Mango Butter, Saw Palmetto & Dragon’s Blood Extract deliver healthier hair and skin while the Caffeine & Biotin found in Biofuel, boost your hair and skin’s natural growth! With a distinct fragrant blend of Fiddlehead Fern, Clove, Sandalwood & Musk, GIBS Biofuel will leave your beard and hair looking and smelling it’s best.

Beard & Hair use:

After cleansing (using Man Wash 3-In-1 or shampoo) and leave in for a minute or two, or up to 5 minutes for a deep conditioning, and then rinse out.  Your hair and beard will feel and smell amazing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Levi Farrill

Hands down the best conditioner I've ever used. Girl friend says my hair is the softest its ever been.

Joseph Hallman
Great product

I was introduced to your product from my hair stylist at a certain chain of hair cut places that shall go nameless after learning how poor their management practices are. However, she was fantastic and I go to her privately now for haircuts. I took a chance on it based on her recommendation and have been very pleased.

Awesome stuff

Leaves my hair feeling great and smells great also!

Craig Zimmerlein
Greatest stuff ever!

Why didn't I know this existed earlier?


love it leaves hair soft