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Gibs Grooming

Manscaper Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil

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Manscaper fragrance  An adventurous smell of grapefruit, tobacco flower, saffron and cedar to spice up your life. 

Our original trio! Olive and Argan oils soften while Sunflower oil strengthens and protects. Passion Fruit and Copaiba Balsam oils are used to help moisturize the skin and hair. Apply on your beard, hair and skin as part of your daily Gibs Grooming routine!

Available in 3 invigorating, natural ingredient fragrances including hints of - Bergamot, Sandalwood, & Sage (VooDoo Prince) Grapefruit, Tobacco, Flower & Saffron (Manscaper) Nutmeg, Leather, Vanilla & Musk (Bush Master)

Customer Reviews

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Joey Salzman
Best beard oil ever

I’ve been using this beard for a decade and love that I recently found out you shipped to the UK as I fell in love with with the smell and thickness when I used to live in the US. Keep up the great work and don’t change the formula.

Coy Swanger

Manscaper Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil - Available in 2 sizes: 1oz. & 4oz.

Gib’s Manscaper Beard Oil

Love it! Does what it says. Hydrates skin and smells great!

BEST Oil/Wash/Conditioner on Market!

Can't say enough about G.I.B.S. Their beard oil is hands down best out there. Been through a dozen or more product lines and nothing compares. The wash and conditioner detangle bery bwell and leave beard soft and smooth all night/day. Thanks G.I.B.S.

Greg Rider
Insanely refreshing with no compromise on Manliness!

Beard culture is about good craft beer, chopping wood, flannel, and NOW - Manscaper Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil! I scarcely experience an aroma that ignites the MAN inside me, but Manscaper does just this! I have tried a few other brands and scents but cannot even award an 8/10 for alternates...the Manscaper scores 10/10!!! P.S. Women love this smell too. ;-)