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GIBS Wooden Palm Brush

GIBS Wooden Palm Brush

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GIBS Wooden Palm Brush detangles your hair with ease, effortlessly removing tangles and knots without tugging or pulling the hair.

Solid Wood Handle Brush with Boar Hair and Wet. Brush Inteliflex bristles

•Natural boar hair to smooth and keep it hair healthy
•Infuses and distributes oils throughout beard
•Reduces breakage and massages skin for healthy hair
•Wetbrush Inteliflex bristles move with the hair to detangle with ease without pulling or break hair.

Say hello to your new best friend!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Rob Meyer
Great Brush

I love the way it looks, and the way it fits in my hand. It feels better than the normal hair brush that I used to use occasionally. Lass pulling and tangling than a normal brush as well.

Christopher Tull
Branded Wet Brush

Used to get this brush from Wet Brush (still has Wet Brush logo), still like the brush but the long bristles are now a little too soft for my liking. This is a perfect brush for thick curly hair (and I guess also beards.) Little frustrating that I can now only find the brush from this website and not my local store.

Rebecca Felton

GIBS Wooden Palm Brush

Paul Hughes
GIBS Palm Brush

I thought it was all hype but decided to give it a try and it’s no BS. Very satisfied

Gwyn Franklin
Palm Brush

Great brush but I believe the price point is not as affordable for a brush as it should be… just a thought