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Gibs Grooming

Kodiak Beard Balm-Aid

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Beard Balm-Aid - 

Fragrance: Hints of a Light Musk and Sweet Cognac

Next level protection for your beard and skin! All natural beeswax delivers just the right amount of style while Shea and Cocoa butter deeply condition the hair and skin. Sweet Almond and Grape Seed oils smooth the cuticle to lock in that much needed moisture! Topped off with hints of Light Musk & Sweet Cognac you’re now ready for adventure!

Black Kodiak Tip: Remember, this is a Gibs Beard Balm- ”Aid” so toss a little onto your scalp and hair for the same benefits plus a super light hold!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Ryan Bohr
Love this balm

This balm smells and works great! My beard hasn't felt better. I would highly suggest the bush master oil to go with this balm. The fragrances work very well together.

Love it

Smells great keeps the beard styled and combined with the gibs beard conditioner my beard is soft all day. I even got a compliment the other day….”feels so soft between my legs”……i suppose ill be with gibs forever… point buying anything else…so keep them in business and buy their products

Jesse Young

I have used many different beard balms over the years. Some have been more like beard wax, and others have been more like beard conditioner. This balm is a perfect balance in my opinion. It has one of the best smells as well. You don't smell like a pine tree or an Old Spice fragrance. It's the only balm I use for my beard.

Ronnie Smith
Smells Great

The Black Kodiak Beard Balm smells great and makes the beard feel soft.

Stephen Petru

Black Kodiak Beard Balm-Aid - 2oz.