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Gibs Grooming

Showman Water Wax- 2 oz.

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Water Wax: Super High Shine / Light-Medium Hold 

 Fragrance: White Cedar, Absinthe and Spicy Black Pepper

Healthy high-shine hair is no act for this Showman! Everyone will notice your lineup thanks to ingredients like Prickly Pear Cactus and Beeswax which both hydrate and style naturally! Featuring fragrant hints of White Cedar, Absinthe and Spicy Black Pepper this water-based wax has what it takes to shine in the big top! 

Showman Tip: This isn’t a one trick pony! GIBS Showman is perfect for finishing curls off to a brilliant shine, also ideal for bringing hydration and control to all afro-textured styles! What a performance! Bravo!

Customer Reviews

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Mark Tomko

Great Product! wish it was more readily available locally. I hate buying on line.

Dee Hanley
showman water wax

Just purchased this from Cosmo Prof. I like men's hair products, women's products have become so scented, it's overwhelming.Anyway I was looking for a products with some hold ,for a piecey, messy look. I have fine thin hair. Tried the tester in the store , haven't opened it yet. Just wanted your opinion if this the best product for me. Everything turns greasy and heavy on me. I was initially looking for a clay based product.I had heard that even fine thin hair can tolerate a well formulated bentonite (clay) styling products. regards and thanks

A show stopper!

The best hair product around! I wish I could buy it in buckets!

Evan Gault
Showman Water Wax

I got the showman water max and it is amazing exactly what I was looking for. Will be ordering more!!! Got it fast too!

Hi Evan,

Thanks for the solid review - we always appreciate feedback from our customers!