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Phantom Matte Shaping Cream

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Matte Shaping Cream: Ultra Matte Finish / Medium Hold

Fragrance: Fiddlehead fern, clove, sandalwood and musk

Prickly Pear Cactus & Tapioca Starch are just two illusive natural ingredients you’ll find in this shaping cream! Hops, Holy Basil and Kaolin Clay also help to lock in that much needed hair-hydration and help repair & prevent future damage! This ultra-matte cream, with subtle hints of Fiddlehead Fern, Clove, Sandalwood & Musk, increases elasticity of the hair, minimizes breakouts along the hairline, and can even reduce hair loss. Phantom’s medium hold gives your style the ability to change on the fly, having everyone wondering, “who’s the new guy?

Phantom Tip: For those ‘beards in training’, use a bit of Phantom to help style and guide the unruliness into place with a higher hold then a beard balm, plus an invisible matte finish!

Customer Reviews

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Phantom Matte shaping cream

I absolutely 💯 love this product. So does my husband gives him more control of his beard.

Victor Conklin
Super easy and long lasting

I bought my first tub about 1.5 years ago and used a little every day. Keeps my hair nice and controlled (very thick, wavy and wild otherwise) through the whole day. It lasted that entire time and I'm just now getting another container. Super worth buying if you have wavy cowlick-y hair.

Frank Ondrovic

outstanding product for men with long hair , I use it everyday , love this product and as usual the customer service is off the charts

Jason Sandifer
A must have to shape your beard!

So after I’ve applied my alpha male and brushed it I take the back of my thumbnail dig into the phantom rub it in my hands and spread thru my whole beard. Comb it out and down with a wide toothed wooden comb and brush it with a boar hair brush. My beard is shaped!! And it stays put without feeling gross!!!

Philip Rieger
Great Stuff

I’ve used Phantom for a little while. Really like the smell and the flexible hold. Gibs customer service is amazing, they take great care of their customers.