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Gibs Grooming

Original Outlaw Hair Spackle- 3 oz.

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Hair Spackle - Matte finish / high hold  

Fragrance: Moody and complex, this fragrance is tinged with hints of Dark Plum, Clove and Black Currant.

Textured and durable best describe the GIBS Original Outlaw. This spackle holds it down or up and really anything in between all under the disguise of a matte finish! Emulsify just a bit into your fingertips, apply to hair then let the Holy Basil moisturize and soothe while the Hops help to reduce future hair loss.

Outlaw Tip: Work into clean, dry scalp hair with fingers, position as needed for desired texture. Stylin with the Original Outlaw seems so easy it almost feels illicit!

Customer Reviews

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Raul Aguilar

I’ve been using this product for over 10 years and the consistency of quality is always apparent and appreciated. I’m usually wearing a baseball cap, but when I do fix my hair, Gibs is what I use and compliments, mainly from my wife, is what I get. Highly recommend this product.

Tina Giovanni
Love all the products!!!

Love all the products
Can’t say enough great things about this brand!

John Hintzman
Gib’s is the best!

I have been using the Original Outlaw Hair Spackle for a few years. The product is fantastic and I highly recommend it!

Charlie Stephenson
The hold is right

Matte finish high hold all around great product

Stewart Iniguez
Original Outlaw Hair Spackle

This stuff is fantastic!! A couple of months ago, I got my haircut locally, and the stylist turned me on to this product!! Now I'm cheap by nature, and I wouldn't normally spend money on stuff for my hair, but this hair spackle is soooo good, it's worth every penny! I have since ordered 2 other products, the Showman and the Con Man!! Both are equally as fantastic as the Original Outlaw Hair Spackle. But the fragrance of the hair spackle is by far my favorite!! I am a very happy customer!! Great products!!