O.G. Baller Playable Pomade- 3 oz. – Gibs Grooming
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O.G. Baller Playable Pomade- 3 oz.

Flexible Hold - Medium Shine

When you’re an O.G. Baller, you keep it fresh, and this pomade lets you do just that all day long. With a playable hold, you can go from street style, to business, and back in no time.

Topped off with Panthenol, Holy Basil and Hops, this pomade also helps to moisturize and condition your hair, while leaving your scalp soft and soothed. How’s that for proof that this pomade is legit?

Fragrance: Keepin' it fresh with hints of crisp Cognac and rich musk.

Please Note: This is a water based product If left open and exposed to air, it will thicken.