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Gibs Grooming

Man Camo Body Spray - 4oz.

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Aerosol Body Spray

Fragrance: Driftwood, Patchouli and Musk

Lock in moisture and help repair skin all with a refreshing light coastal fragrance! With Wakame Extract, Witch Hazel, Safflower Oil & Lime Extract to increase overall skin health and a refreshing fragrant blend of Driftwood, Patchouli & Musk, GIBS Man Camo has you covered!

Spray on then move on!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lincoln Grimm
Worst ever

This product takes me back to my younger years, namely the gas chamber in Marine Corps boot camp. Don’t know if your secret ingredient is a choking agent but I literally cannot breathe this stuff in without coughing. And no, I’m not a smoker nor do I have copd but this stuff is strong coming out of the can and basically unnoticeable on your body. On a brighter note, it’s very inexpensive for a can of mace

Matthew Urias
Straight Fire!!!!!

Amazing scent!!! Panty dropper!!!

Great smell!!

Great post shower/start of the day spray! The one thing that stands out about Gibs products is that they do not overwhelm the senses with a bunch of scents. All the products smell great and last all day!! Highly recommend!

peter viggiano, jr

I like it for men. Very hard to find a body spray for men that’s not over powering in smell. Would like to have larger sizes available. Thanks, Peter

The best beard products!

GIBS products are the best products for men's hair and beard care. They are high quality products, they smell fantastic and they condition and hold the hair and beard in place while still keeping a natural look. I am a barber stylist and I prefer GIBS products for my clients!