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HangMan Showerless Shampoo

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HANGMAN Showerless Shampoo

Fragrance: Cardamom, Pepper and Sandalwood

No time for a shower? No problem! Fortified with Cocoa, Passion Fruit & Dragon’s Blood extracts, this dry shampoo leaves your hair clean and healthy, while the Zeolite absorbs dirt & oil at the root. With fragrant hints of Cardamom, Pepper & Sandalwood to mask whatever needs masked; this really is a portable shower in a can!

Hangman Tip: Use to rejuvenate yesterday's style without watering it down! Just spray Hangman over styled hair then reposition to desired look. Also, don’t forget to toss a can in your gym bag, you’ll thank us later!

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Marsh
Great for guys on the go!

I'm a hairstylist and I have been giving this to all my outdoorsy Colorado clients! If your a overnight camper or a guy always on the go without time to shower between working hard and going out the hang man showerless dry shampoo is a GAME CHANGER! Spray all over your head in selections and brush or comb your fingers through to pull out any oil or grime! Highly recommend 👌

Phil McKraken

The best that’s out there by far.