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Biofuel Conditioner

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Conditioning Fuel For Beard & Hair - 12 oz

Fragrance: This is a dreamy fragrance you can't resist (or her) - Blend of Fiddlehead Fern, Clove, Sandalwood and Musk

Give your freshly washed hair the nourishment it needs! Sapota & Karanja Oils blended with Mango Butter, Saw Palmetto & Dragon’s Blood Extract deliver healthier hair and skin while the Caffeine & Biotin found in Biofuel, boost your hair and skin’s natural growth! With a distinct fragrant blend of Fiddlehead Fern, Clove, Sandalwood & Musk, GIBS Biofuel will leave your beard and hair looking and smelling it’s best. 

Beard & Hair use:

After cleansing (using Man Wash 3-In-1 or shampoo) and leave in for a minute or two, or up to 5 minutes for a deep conditioning, and then rinse out.  Your hair and beard will feel and smell amazing.

Customer Reviews

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tessa miller
gibs biofuel condtioner 12 oz

as a girl who uses this product i can say it is great for all hair male and female it smells great and has an amazing lasting scent and it leaves my dry frizzy hair feeling soft and much more managable

Sean Valencia

Great product, love the way it makes my beard soft and healthy

Great product

Recently purchased the body wash/ shampoo as well as the conditioner and beard pudding. Works well, great scent. Will definitely be purchasing more

Ryan Szydlowski

Biofuel Conditioning for Beard & Hair 12oz

Darryl Meadows
Seems like a good product, biofuel conditioner

I would probably have given this product a 4 or 5 however, I have sensitivity to many fragrances added to soaps etc. this seems to be one of them unless it was something else in the product I’m allergic to. I could actually feel it slightly sting my face and this sensitivity causes my skin to itch and my beard to feel like a Brillo pad. Otherwise I feel this would be a good product for anyone else. I have no problem with their beard oil and would rate it a 5 .