GIBS Grooming is an AUTHENTIC High Quality Brand brought to life by AUTHENTIC High Quality people with the belief that if you LIVE FREE and LOOK GOOD you'll go through life with NO APOLOGIES and NO REGRETS. 

The Team

Mike "Big Smooth" Howland


Wether he is choosing new packaging or formulating new products, he is always Smooth.


Brian "Gib" Long


Only here so he can "Go fishing with Beans"

Rae Goeken

Rae Rae

International Dutchess. Running the show all the way from the Netherlands.

Chev Rodriguez

MF Chev

That high hair and long beard aren't the only big thing he has going for him.

Patrick McGeeney


Like the name says, not many words coming from this direction.

Danny "Success Addict" Amorim

GIBS Education Director


Jason "Skills" Dunn

GIBS Educator


Janarius "J Roc" Harris

GIBS Educator

Devin Burt

GIBS Educator

Krystle Sierras

GIBS Educator

Rafael "Ralf" Rivas

GIBS Educator


GIBS Educator