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Gibs Grooming

Washbuckler Soap 6oz

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A Moisturizing, Mildly Exfoliating, Rich Lather Bar of Booty

**Brought back by popular demand!!

Fragrance: Citrus, Black Pepper and Patchouli (so fresh, so clean, so exfoliated!)

GIBS Washbuckler body bar is packed with a tidal wave of ingredients to clean and condition your skin before you set sail each day! Rich Cocoa Butter, Jojoba oil and Sunflower Seed oil moisturize while Acai, Goji, Seaweed and Algae extracts help to fortify and protect your skin. GIBS Washbuckler is crisp and carefree with hints of citrus, black pepper and patchouli leaving even the saltiest of sailors smelling great and shipshape! 



    Customer Reviews

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    Kirk geising

    Washbuckler Soap 6oz

    Richard Day

    For all those men who feel secure in their masculinity, this is the soap I recommend. I purchased my first bar at my hair salon several years ago and fell in love with its rich fragrance. I lived without it for some time due to the difficulty finding a supplier but finally found one in "Gibs Grooming". I have already given a few bars as gifts to best friends. Hope they adopt the product as I have. Really looking forward to trying the soap 'Handle Bar'; I know it will be a treat. Would be interested to know if Gibs Grooming carries shaving soaps

    Robert Westfall
    Wanted to try

    I bought this because it was new and a scent I had not tried before. I must say I'm impressed with this product. I love the scent and the lather it makes. Was not let down. Definitely reccomend.

    Paul A
    So happy this is back

    I've never come across a better bar of soap. The smell is amazing. Leaves my skin feeling great. And no other bar lathers like this soap. You barely able to even touch the bar and before you know it you are covered in lather.

    Fresh, Clean smell

    Great smell and love the way my skin feels after using this soap!!