Size isn't an obstacle - it's a challenge

Size isn't an obstacle - it's a challenge

Team GIBS welcomes Andre P. Cobb to the family!

"Whatever you’re going through you’ll have to forget about it if you’re around me. I want you to have a good experience in my presence. Life is too short to let those heavy burdens ruin days at a time."

Andre Cobb will tell you, not many folks make it out of Gary Indiana. And growing up there as a little person wasn’t just hard. It was an obstacle course. But what Dre the Giant lacked in stature, he made up for in swagger. Then his mom handed him some Wahl clippers at 11. Dre made it outta Gary, and onto the platform for GIBS Grooming. You have to hear his story.

Describe yourself in five: Shortest Giant In The World.

How’d you land Team GIBS? I was at ABS Chicago this year; I was just doing me literally. But I was spending most of my time around the Gibs booth just kicking it. At one point everyone at the booth was busy cutting or with a customer, so I walked over and helped a woman who was new to the brand. A couple of days later I got a unusual call from Danny Amorim. He was over excited and I was confused. The rest is history.

What are you known for? Clean work, sharp lines and taking my time. Giving the client their full time while in the chair. I’m going to be precise.

What should we know about you? I’m genuine. Loyal and supportive from the start. Funny and love to bring people energy up. Whatever you’re going through you’ll have to forget about it if you’re around me. Because I want you to have a good experience in my presence. Life is too short to let those heavy burdens ruin days at a time.

Favorite GIBS products? Colorado Kid and Alpha Male Beard, Hair and tattoo Oils for all my bearded clients. Con Man for the sponge look. Black Kodiak for my low and wave cut clients. Rico Bandito for my up dos and comb over clients.

What makes a great barber or stylist? Professionalism, Creativity, Customer Service, Education and Self respect.

What would you say to those coming up in the industry? Stay in school until you graduate; if you start cosmetology school and stop attending to start a life you’ll never find the time to finish your education. Even if you do it’s going to be more challenging then it would’ve been if you just stayed the course.

You have become a professional just like any doctor, dentist, mortician, anybody that went to college to become a professional. You are one too. I’ve owned my own shop, Well Groomed Barbershop, for seven years now.

What’s the secret to keeping a beard top notch? Usually a guy who has a beard wants to feel mature and masculine. So the groomer must listen to how the client wants to look, not how he should look. Product knowledge is everything, for hair texture and skin treatment as well. Good skin equals healthy hair. Remember that.

What do you wish guys knew about grooming? Grooming is head to toe. You must look good and feel good on the inside first. The groomer can lay you completely out with a haircut and all, but if you don’t feel good about yourself it means nothing. Cleansing from the inside matters. That’s why it’s good to relax your client before every service. Then that’s when you start the process of grooming, smelling good and feeling great.

If you could cut any hair or beard who’s would it be? My dad’s. He never had the chance to see me as a professional barber. He died in 2007.

What else should we know about the shortest giant in the world? I’m the youngest of 12 kids, and my single mom’s only kid. I became tough early, learning how to defend myself by fighting and jiving on kids that thought I was an easy target. Don’t tell me what I can’t do.

If I’m not cutting hair, educating or studying some new products. I enjoy skating, being around friends, meditating, networking, being around my son and talking to my mother. I thank God (Yahweh) for where my life is headed and look forward to continue changing lives while I live in my passion and continue my purpose.

Follow Andre on Instagram @drethe_giant.

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