Network as Net worth - Chi town barber joins team GIBS

Network as Net worth - Chi town barber joins team GIBS

GIBS Grooming welcomes Chuck Shumate to the team! Pic: Urban Original

On his own since 17, Chuck Shumate has his own “barbering saved my life” story. More than 20 years later, barbering IS his life. The father of four and owner of Phat Fades Barbershop in Chicago believes a client needs to stand up from that chair razor sharp, well groomed and smelling to the heavens before you hand over a dollar. Here’s why we added this Windy City barber to Team GIBS.

Describe yourself in five: Ambitious, dedicated, influential, outgoing and humble.

Define “Chicago beard.” Having a well groomed beard in Chicago is just as good as having muscles. A little enhancement might be used to define the look, but a beard with girth is kept full as possible with some defined sculpting. The beard kept low is razor sharp above the jawline and faded out underneath the neck area.

You made it to Team GIBS. What’s your secret? I’m dedicated to the craft. I’m a firm believer of your network being your net worth. Over the last two years I have traveled from state to state attending trade shows and seminars. While doing so, I’ve taken advantage of shaking hands and locking eyes with a lot of individuals. I made it my business to let people of importance know that I was in the building.

What are you known for? There is nothing I can’t do. I’m well rounded and skilled with all textures and cut each with precision. I do retro, modern, pomps, combovers, color, freestyle graphics etc. I have created a buzz recently as a Scalp Micropigmentation Technician.

What do you want us to know about you? My work ethic is strong. I always put forth a 110% and I’m a hands on, laid back, confrontation and conflict free type of guy.

What’s your favorite GIBS product or combo? My daily routine consists of five GIBS products. WashBuckler to wash my body, BHB Man Wash to shampoo my beard. Once out the shower, I apply Con Man to my beard and blow-dry while combing through. Then I massage Black Kodiak into my beard and skin, followed by Alpha Male to the beard, face and arms.

Tips for aspiring barbers/stylists coming up in the game? Education is important. Techniques, styles and trends change at a rapid pace. Take advantage of social media, it’s free. Utilize it in the right way to showcase your work to potential clients. Whenever at a trade show, seminar or barber/stylist battle, expand your network. Build relationships with others in the business as well as product and equipment companies.

Tell us about Team GIBS: I’m looking forward to working side by side with all of our team members. The strategy used to put this group together was definitely unique. We’ve got some heavy hitters on this squad! I look up to some of these guys/gals; prior to being added to the team I even reached out personally for advice on certain things.

What makes a great barber/stylist? Most important are sanitation, up to date cutting/styling equipment, performance, consistency, product knowledge and doing everything in your power to satisfy your client.

Who is @Whos-Urbarber? I capture all my footage and do all my editing. I support and lend a helping hand to a few non for profit programs in the Chicagoland area. At last year’s back to school event, we presented over 300 backpacks full of supplies to my sister’s nonprofit, I gave all the boys haircuts. We keep the vibes light and encourage them to start their year off right.

Follow Chuck on Instagram at @whos_urbarber.

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