From Tragedy to Platform - Meet Houston's J Harris

From Tragedy to Platform - Meet Houston's J Harris

Team GIBS welcomes Janarius Harris to the team!

“Be willing to learn from anyone that is willing to teach you. Put aside your pride and ask for help.”

“There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it.” George Bernard Shaw said that. But Janarius Harris lived it. While displaced by Hurricane Harvey, his phone rang. On the other end, Danny Amorim. It was an invite to join #TeamGIBS.

“I couldn’t really process that call too clearly because all I had going on at the time. One of the best things I've ever done was say yes to GIBS,” Janarius recalls. Let’s meet this father of two, Navy veteran, nine-time barber battle champ and owner of Picture Perfect Cuts in Houston.

Describe yourself in five: Dependable. Loving. Passionate. Creative. Artistic.

Give us the quick edit: In ’95, I got a bad haircut at Thanksgiving. That Christmas, my mom got me a pair of clippers and and told me to have at it on my little brother. She said “Before I pay someone to mess it up, I’ll let you do it for free.” Before I knew it I had gotten pretty good. Now I’m known for my “picture perfect” cuts.

What do you want us to know about you? I take my craft very serious. And I am very thankful for the talent God has blessed me with.

What’s your favorite GIBS product? I love the beard oils because they have so many different functions. I also use them to edge with when I apply the razor because it goes on clear so it allows me to see what I’m doing.

Tips for aspiring barbers/stylists? Always strive to get better. Be willing to learn from anyone that is willing to teach you. Put aside your pride and ask for help. Never burn bridges and network.

Tell us about #TeamGIBS: Orlando was so dope, being right in the center of everything and educating was amazing. Platforming for a major company like GIBS was a check on my bucket list. This has been an amazing ride that I hope never ends.

What makes a great barber/stylist? A dependable professional on time person that continues to educate him or herself.

What’s the secret to keeping a beard top notch? Grooming.... Washing, conditioning.. Using our Beard Hair and Body Wash along with our beard oils will most definitely get you in the game Coach!

What do you wish guys knew about grooming? How easy it is to maintain themselves and that there is a great product out there for them.....I wish they all knew about GIBS Grooming...

If you could cut any hair or beard, who’s would it be? I wish I could cut Mr. Gib for GQ.

Tell us more: I’m in the process of opening up J. Harris Barber College. I love going to my son's baseball games, traveling and platforming. We just took over Orlando, it was amazing... It was an adrenaline rush being up there and the people were like “We know you and we love your products!”

Follow @j.harris_barber and his picture perfect cuts on Instagram.

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