Four must follows for the perfect fade

Success Addict offers four ways to nail the perfect fade.

Props to one of our incredible distributors, Pink Pro Beauty Supply, for the sit down with our head of education, Danny Amorim. Read the original article here.

The fade is a classic cut with many variations. And whether you’re going high, or you’re going low, precision and detail are key. We talked with Andis and GIBS Grooming educator, Danny Amorim, aka Success Addict, on his four must-follow steps to help you nail the perfect fade, the first time, every time.

Consults Are Critical

"The initial consultation is critical to the perfect fade. Your client’s hair has to be evaluated to determine exact texture. And before you start, you have to know if there are any imperfections in the head, and especially the cowlick area, so you know if you are executing a low fade, medium fade or high fade."

Bottoms Up or Top Down?

"There are a multitude of ways to execute the perfect fade as long as the end result is great! Many like to fade hair from the bottom up, but in my 20 years of experience, I’ve caught myself losing control of the height of the blend. I prefer to fade hair from the top down. I begin working in the parietal ridge to remove any bulk or work around the cowlick (so I keep the crown on my king!). Then I work my way down the side working area, using a consistent C-stroke motion while continuously dropping the clipper guard sizes."

Mean and Clean

"Clean work is critical for the perfect fade! Whether using a comb or brush, constantly cut and comb the hair. Hair moves; the closer and tighter the fade, the more detail is involved. Constantly cleaning your work means you’ll avoid leaving behind lines, shadows or imperfections in your fade."

Fine Tune The Fade

"The perfect fade calls for precision and patience. Once you think you’re done, take an extra 3 to 5 minutes to fine tune the fade. Go back and polish any areas you feel may lead to leaving a line, shadow or imperfection behind. The last thing any barber or stylist wants is to watch a client step out of the chair, then have to call him back in once the light hits his hair. Never settle for just a 'good haircut.' Every haircut should be great!"


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