Barber passion - take it from porch to platform

Barber passion - take it from porch to platform

Team GIBS welcomes Rafael Rivas to the family!!

"If you’re looking into doing this for the money, stick to something else. You have to actually love barbering and be passionate about it. The money will eventually come on its own." ~ Rafael Rivas

It was in middle school when Rafael Rivas realized his mom’s haircuts weren’t cutting it. So he took to the porch and did his own, eventually he was slicing up the players on his high school sport teams. He hit barber school at 18, had his own shop at 19, and an Uber ride landed him on our team by age 27. Let’s meet the multiple award-winning fade specialist.

Describe yourself in five: Talented, Humble. Funny. Friendly, Exciting.

What are you known for? My fading and classic haircuts and styles.

#TeamGIBS. How’d that happen? It’s pretty cool. I was traveling state to state, competing in barber competitions. In Long Beach, I shared an Uber ride with Danny Amorin (Success Addict). He told me ‘Dang bro I’ve been seeing you everywhere. You must be really hungry for this industry.’ Next thing, GIBS had me come out to Chicago for a test run. They’ve treated me like family ever since.

Being on the team is definitely one of the best things that has happened to me. It’s not just a team of individuals who just sell products. We are actually a real family. I love my team.

What do we need to know about you? I never thought working out of my mom’s porch would take me to where I am today. It’s definitely a blessing. I am very passionate about my craft; I’ve been at it since I was 13. I now own two shops and am an official Pittsburgh Pirates barber. I’m a father of two and collect classic cars.

Favorite GIBS product? Original Outlaw Pomade. I use it to style my classic pompadours; it gives a unique dry finish. I like to use a little bit right before I blow dry the hair, it helps me create volume.

Advice for barbers/stylists coming up in the game? If you’re looking into doing this for the money, stick to something else. You have to actually love barbering and be passionate about it. The money will eventually come on its own.

What makes a great barber/stylist? Wanting to keep learning and educating yourself to become better, and truly enjoying doing it. Also bonding with your clients plays a big role.

What’s the secret to keeping a beard top notch? Take care of it as you would your hair on your head. You have to wash and condition and apply oils with ingredients to keep it looking right. Also keep it as full as possible to give it that husky, full look.

What do you wish guys knew about grooming? How to use the right products. Most men use regular shampoos and conditioners, not knowing it could damage the beard.

Rafael is CFO of the street wear brand, Barber Cartel and owner of Ralf’s Hair Studio in Bartow, Florida. Follow Rafael on Instagram @razorralf8.

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